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I will currently not continue the development of this addon. So please feel free to use the latest version to make your own addon. If you want to continue this addon please contact me. Thanks. (26.09.2014)

This addon gives you additional information to the current target attributes e.g. critical hit rating, resistance and PvP values. Similar to the information you got in the character window.

You can open the info window via chat command "/targetspy" after install the addon or per game menu. All information automatically updated on select or deselect any target.

See also in the WildStar forum:

Target View

Target View

Version 0.8

  • Added view to window management (Interface -> Window).
  • API version support changed to version 9.

Version 0.7

  • Add GameLib as requirement to prevent a error on first loading after game start.
  • Remove WindowSizeChanged event and use WindowMove event instead for better performance.

Version 0.6
Add workaround because some functions gives no result while player is in combat.

Version 0.5

  • Add menu listing.
  • Cleanup controls and code.
  • Optimize size and styling. Background will fade out when mouse leave.
  • Saves visible state of the view in configuration and view is no more escapable.

Version 0.4

  • Remove the following properties for targets, because they not available anymore: Armor, Strikethrough, CritChance, ArmorPen, ShieldPen, Lifesteal, Haste, Resistance, Deflect, Resiliance, ManaCostReduction
  • Show info with all attributes for the player by self, if no target is selected.
  • Now window size and position are saved. This info is saved per character.

Version 0.3
Update supported API from 7 to 8.

Version 0.2

  • Changed layout to holo style.
  • Removed tooltip and added PvP rating to the list.
  • Changed list to grid, attributes can be sorted.
  • TargetUnitChanged Event will only be consumed if the windows is open.

Version 0.1
Shows a list of available attributes for targets.


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