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StrikeHard Meter will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This is a modified version of NexusMeter

All credits of NexusMeter goes to brads55 -

I have modified the following:

  • Fixed the obnoxious out of combat bug, that resets when nobody is doing anything for 6 seconds (i.e. PhageMaw)
  • I added a proper report function, for both your abilities and the damage you and your party have done
  • I added proper distingued attributes in the abilities, so you now proper can see how much crit damage you had etc.
  • I fixed the bug when you do "/sm show" and it tracks double damage
  • I fixed so "/sm hide" properly disables the damagemeters and changes to only track your OWN combat log (Pretty neat for System Daemons for performance)
  • I added a "/sm solo" option, to only track your own and not everybody else (Not implemented yet)
  • I added an option to change how often it updates, for increased performance. It can be set from 0.1 (which is default) to 2 second


The damagemeter with best performance for Wildstar

I have tested GalaxyMeter, NexusMeter and OdysseyMeter for performance, all tested in Datascape and Genetic Archives.

NexusMeter wins this fight, therefore I chose to direct my efforts here. After my modifications, StrikeHard Meter is still significantly lower on performance than the others, and has some really neat features, that will skyrocket your FPS compared to the others.


The following commands works

  • /sm
  • /sm hide
  • /sm show
  • /sm config
  • /sm solo
  • /sm default
  • /sm lock
  • /sm unlock


I hope you will enjoy it, and I will try to update it once in a while, but dont count on that I will implement a lot of fancy features. I like it as it is, and I will focus on functionality and performance.


See ya on Nexus cupcakes.