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What is StalkerHelper?

The purpose of this addon is to make Stalker dps more effective, especially in PvE scenarios but also PvP.

It will keep track of when Punish is available and using it would result in regaining suit power. No more need of calculating yourself when the best time to use it would be.

The addon also provides a progress bar indicating how many stacks you have on your Neutralize buff(debuff) and how long is left on the duration. This bar makes for easier usage of Neutralize so you wont eat up your suit power by jumping the gun.

It will also be able to show a duration bar for the Ruin debuff on your current target if it has one, which will help giving you clear indication of when you are going to need to recast Ruin on your target.

When you deflect an attack and you have Decimate equipped, you will be given an indication showing the spell is ready to be used, if the cooldown is down of course.

Concussive kicks
If you have unlocked the Tier 4 bonus of Concussive kicks, the addon will show a duration bar indicating how long is left before you can use it again for free.


How to use:

Simply enable/disable the different indicators by typing /stalkerhelper. You can drag the bars and the icons when the options menu is open and also resize them. You can also change the color of the bars and the text via the menu.

If you want to reset the indicators size/position and/or change if they can be moved or not, do this:
Escape > Interface > Window, locate StalkerHelper in the list and all controls should be listed one after the other.

The picture below shows the menu and all the current indicators(1.3.2).