Stalker Zone

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 Game Version: API 11


Aug 21, 2014

Owner: indigotock

Stalker Zone is an addon designed to help stalkers position themselves behind their target by drawing customisable guides on screen! Just take a look at this screenshot and have your mind be blown!


  • Highly customisable
    • Border thickness
    • Zone angle (140-90 degrees)
    • Border colour
  • Toggle-able line showing the mob's facing direction!
  • Enabled on a per-LAS basis
  • Works with non-stalkers, too!
  • Customisable line length for different mob difficulties
    • Add overrides to give specific mobs different lengths!

This addon was made for Bellante of Hazak EU. Go Lokes List!
This addon (along with my others) can also be found on my GitHub page.


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