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A toolkit of useful things for slingers.

Personal Ignite tracking
  • List of units you have surge ignited and the ticks remaining per unit.
  • Mark units you have surge ignited with an icon at the units location.
  • Optionally play sound/UI Alert on:
    • Final tick on a unit.
    • Deflected first tick (when this happens, no DoT is applied).
    • Non-surged ignite (this usually happens due to missed rotation / lag).
Void Pact tracking
  • Mark units that have a VP buff with an icon at their location.
    • Optional timer per unit
  • Show "X/Y VP" on screen where X=number of players in your group/raid with buff, and Y=total number of players in your group/raid that are within range)


Planned features:

  • Void Pact rotation list (if possible, a list of slingers in the group in order of VP cooldown.  If that is not possible with the API then a timer based rotation list)
  • Arcane Missiles tracking (Track number of debuff stacks on a unit)
  • Suggestions welcome.


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