6,572 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 20, 2014 Game Version: API 9


  /ssdps = turn SSDPS off/on


  SSDps tracks the following:

  1. Average DPS = DPS average from the exact time the first damage was done until now
  2. Burst DPS = Your instantaneous DPS for the last second of combat
  3. Total Damage = Damage done by you since the start of the fight, regardless of target

  It also has fairly large Spellsurge and Ignite icons.  The Spellsurge icon that tells you
  exactly when spell surge is ON. Note that this is probably what you want, and is different
  than icons that track when you start casting spell surge.

  The ignite Icon flashes for just under a second when any ignite that YOU cast causes its
  final hit of damage to any enemy.  That means if you have a T8 ignite and have the regular
  and surged version both active, you're going to see multiple flashes.  The idea is to give
  you a visual signal when it's time to start your ignite rotation again.



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