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First of all, thanks to hitbutton for the creation of QCGR, which was the foundation of this project. 

SpellSwap is a lightweight addon that allows to seamlessly switch between 2 spells with one button click or hotkey. Perfect for those of us who like to quickly swap between AOE and single target abilities. This addon can be used with all classes, as it allows the user to define which spells they want to swap. It also improves on the ease of movement from QCGR. Note that all spell names entered are case sensitive.

I am no longer playing the game, so I will not be making any future updates to the addon.

UPDATED: SpellSwap can now support up to 4 user-defined buttons at once. Due to this rather large change, the command list below has changed. If you have any macros in place for the previous version, you they will need to be slightly adjusted. You will also have to re-create any buttons you had in place before the update. The nature of the changes prevented me from holding on to old settings. Since the previous version only supported one button, this should only take a matter of seconds to recreate. I apologize for any inconvenience.

SpellSwap supports 4 active buttons I call "Swaps". Each swap can be hidden, locked, and modified through the UI accessed by /ss. They are also color coded between the buttons and options menu for easy coordination. In the previous version, the /ss toggle command was used to swap spells. In this new version with "Swaps", you need to specify which Swap you want to toggle on. For example, if you want to perform a toggle on Swap 1, the command would be /ss1 toggle. A toggle on Swap 3 would be /ss3 toggle. Please keep this in mind for any macros from the older version.

Invalid Swap Warnings List:

1. Trying to add an invalid spell name will prevent the change.

2. Trying to use the same spell twice in one swap will prevent the change.

3. Trying to use 2 spells that are both currently on your LAS will let the change go through, but the button will not work until it is corrected. This can be resolved by either changing the button or reworking your LAS.

Hiding a button will stop all warnings from appearing for that swap. Swaps 2-4 are hidden by default for this reason.

General Commands:
/ss - opens the options menu
/ss lock - locks all swaps
/ss unlock - unlocks all swaps
/ss reset - resets all swaps, button sizes, and positions to default
/ss[<Swap Number>, <Spell Number>] <Spell Name> - changes the <Spell Number> for the given <Swap Number> to <Spell Name>. (Ex. /ss[2,1] Dual Shock will change Swap 2, Spell 1 to Dual Shock)

Swap Specific Commands: (all commands use Swap 1 as an example. Replace the 1 with the proper number to use for any swap)
/ss1 toggle - call the swap command on Swap 1
/ss1 lock - locks the button for Swap 1
/ss1 unlock - unlocks the button for Swap 1
/ss1 hide - hides the button for Swap 1
/ss1 show - reveals the button for Swap 1

This is my first addon, so suggestions, improvements, and constructive criticism is always welcome.


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