Settler Resource Tracker

5,984 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 2, 2015 Game Version: API 11



New and revised!

I reworked the addon, and it should be more stable now!


There are quite a few features left to implement, but it's already useful for simple tracking needs. Stay tuned for updates!


Settler Resource Tracker is an addon which allows you to keep an eye on your collected resources.

Never again shall you stand at the improvement station, just to see that you're 2 resources short!

The data of the addon grows with you. Just loot some resource in a zone and it should be added to your list. If that's not the case, just report it here :)


Known Issues:

  • None yet

Planned Features:

  •  Icon representation of the items (toggleable)

If you have requests/ideas, just comment.

Have fun!


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