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A HUD bar system for Wildstar. Similar to GotHUD? but with features GotHud? does not have.


  • Add multiple bars
  • Change height, width and position
  • Change texture
  • Change colour (requires ColorPicker Addon)
  • Change Resource to show (player health, target health etc)
  • Hide bars (When full, when empty, out of combat, with no target)
    • Out of combat still shows the bars when they are not full
  • Show text as percentage
  • Change border size
  • Change bar orientation
  • Use scroll wheel on the size text values to change them. -> Place your cursor over the number showing the current width, height etc and scroll to change the value quickly! Note: The sizes are also edit boxes for even easier changing of the values.
  • Themes - Ability to use pre-set bar sets (If you wish to share your bar sets please send me a link to your saved data found at:  
  • %AppData%\NCSOFT\Wildstar\AddonSaveData\<random folder name (will be only folder)>\<Your server>\<your char name>\Serenity_HUD_0_Char.xml


Question: How do I change colour, it's not working...?

Answer: Make sure you have the newest ColorPicker Addon installed.

Question: Why did you make this addon when there is already an addon like this?

Answer: GotHUD? does not do everything I would like it to do, I cant change width etc. It also has a very weird way of moving the bars around since it tries to differentiate between left and right bars with textures.


Future features:

  • More resources such as pet bars
  • more textures
  • Buff bar option
  • Portrait boxes
  • Plain art panels


Thanks to the developer of GotHUD? for inspiring me to do this addon. I did not use any Code from him, only ideas on option dialogue layout. Ferous, Ohi, and ArcHud texture designers for their amazing textures.