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Señor Plow - Inventory Sorter


Señor Plow no es macho
Es solamente un borracho


This is the Wildstar edition of Mr Plow, which adds on an extra 'All' option to the default inventory sort.
The existing options will sort by a single factor, like Name, or Quality. Señor Plow chains together a series of factors, including Family, Category, and Slot in order to organise the inventory in a much more logical manner.
This sort will also apply to the bank

You can access and adjust the sort order through the arrow button on the 'All' option. (see screenshots for more information) Drag and drop the entries to the order you're after.

This addon is compatible with Leosky's SpaceStash and VikingHug's VikingInventory.


Be aware, that with any sort option on, you can't restack stuff unless you turn it off. This is a Carbine thing, and not something I can control, unfortunately. For the bank, if you want to turn off the sort, you'll have to do it through the inventory, as they're linked. Once you set the sort inventory to 'off' reopen the bank.