3,270 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 12, 2014 Game Version: API 8

RosterThrottle will block updates to all social lists when the social pane is not visible while letting them pass through when it is up.

Guild, Circles, Neighbors and Contacts.

It achieves similar results to GuildRosterStutterFix but uses a different coding approach and extends the functionality to all social lists instead of just the Guild (I found Circles to have as much if not more of an effect).

It has only been tested with the default Carbine addons, it will most likely not work with replacement addons and I don't intend to support any (if an addon author is replacing a default addon with the intent of improving it, ask them to handle roster updates in their addon in a sane way ;) )

Todo: (maybe) provide an option to block social list updates in combat regardless if Social Pane is visible or not.

Tags: guild, circle, neighbor, fps, stutter, performance


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