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145K Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2014 Created Jun 7, 2014

Let MrFancyPants help you manage your gear sets!

48K Downloads Updated Oct 7, 2016 Created May 21, 2014

Mouselook targeting helper

7.6K Downloads Updated Oct 31, 2015 Created Jun 26, 2014

Allow you to bind a sound on PSI points.

3.8K Downloads Updated Jul 17, 2014 Created Jul 17, 2014

Automatically sets your focus target based on the target selected by your group's tank.

4.9K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jul 8, 2014

An addon to track your maximum critical as well as normal hits on enemies.

11.5K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created May 12, 2014

Allow easy right clicking the esper innate buff to remove the root. /pei

38.5K Downloads Updated Oct 15, 2015 Created Sep 6, 2014

High performance Raid Frames including live interrupt indicators and reordering of group members.

20K Downloads Updated Aug 26, 2014 Created Aug 4, 2014

Yet another Boss Mod inspired by DBM,KBM.

12.9K Downloads Updated Jun 23, 2014 Created Jun 10, 2014

Displays notifications when you are crowd controlled, along with appropriate hints on how the effects...

20K Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2018 Created Mar 22, 2014

An add-on that logs combat events for upload to wildstarlogs.com.

8.2K Downloads Updated Oct 22, 2014 Created Jun 16, 2014

Shows list of health bars of enemies aggroed/damage done

277K Downloads Updated Oct 6, 2015 Created May 2, 2014

Addons showing spell icons near your character when you trigger a proc.

15.7K Downloads Updated May 30, 2015 Created Jul 8, 2014

MinimalistPlates offers a customizable and minimalistic alternative to the default WildStar nameplates.

29.2K Downloads Updated Sep 5, 2018 Created Aug 22, 2014

It's a threat meter. Use it.

33.4K Downloads Updated Feb 1, 2016 Created May 2, 2014

Esper resource tracker

20.7K Downloads Updated May 4, 2015 Created Oct 23, 2014

An addon to help stop your from derping during the Ohmna Encounter

118K Downloads Updated Oct 31, 2015 Created Mar 10, 2015

Damage and Healing Meter with detailed statistics, based on RiftMeter.

10.5K Downloads Updated Jan 8, 2016 Created Jun 6, 2015

Disco telegraph colors !

3.6K Downloads Updated May 25, 2015 Created Sep 9, 2014

This addon shows you the uptimes of all your buffs for while in combat.

5.1K Downloads Updated Aug 16, 2014 Created Jul 14, 2014

replaces the floating text addon carbine uses with a box that is easy to read...