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I'm Discontinuing this project as i no longer play Wildstar. i wouldn't mind if someone else took over Rivalry to expand its functionality.

Short Discription:
Rivalry adds Players that kill you in Open-World-PvP as your Rival.
Rivalry does the following:
  • Adds Players that kill you as Rival.
  • Sets their note to 1, killing them decreases by 1, dieing to them increases by 1
  • DOES NOT add players from Arena, Warplots or Battlegrounds as rival only Open-World-PvP
  • DOES NOT touch any custom set rivals
Long Discription:
Rivals added by Rivalry will have their note set to "1" if they kill you again this increases by 1, his/her note will now be "2".
When you kill this rival his/her note will get decreased by 1, now he has "1" in his note.
The revenge splash wont show till his/her note is "0" so hunt him/her down 1 more time.
"basicly: he/she kills you 3x u have to kill him/her 3x for revenge"
Special thanks to Jezex and Never for helping me.


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