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Ravenmap is a MiniMap and ZoneMap replacement add-on that shows separate icons for all gather nodes and skills instead of single icons per gather skill. In addition all the guard icons are deleted, as well as the general vendor icons. This creates a clean minimap in the city. Most importantly, a better icon for the inbox!

Features: (Check the images tab for screens of features and settings)

- Mining: Icons for all mining nodes
- Survivalist: Icons for all tree nodes
- Relichunter: Icons for all omniplasm nodes
- Farming: Icons for all plant nodes
- Mailbox icon
- Squared or Circular Minimap
- Moveable Options screen
- Scrollable Options screen

- Guard icons
- General/weapon/housing/insignificant vendor icons

Square/Round Minimap with Options



Version 1.3.1

- Hotfix: Tooltips for squared map were not properly shown

Version 1.3

- Square Minimap option
- Moveable Options window
- Scrollable Options window

- Spirovine Icon appeared bigger than the rest, fixed the size

- placed zone text field under minimap instead of in minimap