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Note: I no longer play, so updates will only happen on a best effort basis and are dependent upon people providing error messages. Any current players that'd like to take over just shoot me a message.


Minimize the amount of time spent waiting for Scorchwing (and other long spawns) by tracking the last kill time.

Data is shared between clients, so if anyone else sees the spawn you'll get an alert.

RareTimer can be opened via the interface menu at the bottom left of the Wildstar GUI, or can also be pinned to the quick launch tray.

Includes French (via my rusty French) and German (via Google Translate) localizations. Corrections are very welcome.

Current list:

  • Aggregor the Dust Eater
  • Bugwit
  • Critical Containment
  • Defensive Protocol Unit
  • Doomthorn the Ancient
  • Gargantua
  • Grendelus the Guardian
  • Grinder
  • Hoarding Stemdragon
  • KE-27 Sentinel
  • King Honeygrave
  • Kraggar the Earth-Render
  • Metal Maw
  • Metal Maw Prime
  • Scorchwing
  • Subject J - Fiend
  • Subject K - Brute
  • Subject Tau
  • Subject V - Tempest
  • Zoetic
  • Star-Comm Basin