Raiderino will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This is kind of a "port" of DBM and KBM logic and features into world of Wildstar.

Not all of the features are implemented yet /not all are needed in Wildstar.

If you find any weird timers or have any suggestion - feel free to post in comments.

So basically what you got by using it (in its current state):
  1. Slash command "/Rpull NUMBER" (which could be macroed for easy usage) - will show countdown timer for all members of your group who is using this addon.
  2. 3 draggable and resizable frames (containers) for notifications (this is for most important fight mechanics), timers (less important fight mechanics), units (there will be all boss units that are curently in combat and other important units like Phage Maw bombs. Actually its some kind of unitframes for bosses which wasn't implemented by CRB for some reason). All containers are sorted (by time remaining till timer ends for timers and notifications or by current HP for unit container).
  3. UI to customize the addon to your preference accessible via slash command "/raiderino" or via interfaces menu entry.
  4. Sound notifications for timer start and timer is about to end (actually it is some kind of alert which notifies you that boss will do some mechanic in 2 seconds. Will allow user to choose at how many seconds he should got allert, as for now it is 2 seconds hardcoded).
  5. Different sounds for notifications and timers so you will never miss this major mechanic while thinking it is the minor one.
  6. Fully customizable set of features (notifications/timers). This means that you can choose what timers and notifications you want to be showed and switch others off.

As I was done with my attunement by the time I started to develop this addon - for now there are only raid bosses supported, because I don't have enought spare time to do dungeons. But with some help from community I could add any group content to this addon.

So as being said here is the list of supported encounters so far:
  • Experiment X-89
  • Kuralak the Defiler
  • Phagetech Prototypes
  • Phage Maw
  • Phageborn Convergence
  • Ohmna

As a quick note - I've started this addon on the base of Jamez226's BuffMaster because at the time I started it I knew almost nothing about Wildstar UI API. I mean frames, their behaviors and functions. If there are some pieces of his code around and with leaving this inside I violated something - please point me on it and I will change. Anyway his addon stated as GPLv2, so I don't think that there will be any problems.

State of localization:

Currently English locale is fully supported (because I play on it obviously). In brackets there will be DE,FR or DE/FR which means that this locale is missing on this string:

  1. "Get ready to trap adds!" (FR)
  2. "Interrupt this cast!" (FR)
  3. "Boss immune, kill adds!" (FR)
  4. "The Invoker has lost his protection!" (FR) - I need this EXACTLY as it apears in Datachron