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Questline changes the default quest interface to conversational rpg-ish scenes.


  • There might be bugs.
  • Questline is meant for players to often click, stop and read. If you're in hurry, better skip this one.
  • Scenes are "optimized" for video resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Because that's my screen's.
  • Due to technical constraints and depending on your rig specs, Questline may need to pre-load for a second when you login a character.
  • Questline will attempt to hide the default HUD when in quest scenes. If you're using add-ons to overwrite Stock UI, the end result may vary.
  • Scenes are not escapeale and should be closed through default Interact-Keybind (F) instead.
  • French and German translations are done with Google. If you notice something stupid, please let me know.
  • Questline was inspired by Storyline, so yer; clone add-on of a clone game of a clone game, keep your expectations medium-low.

Credits :

  • QuestLog, Dialog and CommDisplay: Wildstar built-in add-ons by Carbine
  • UnitedDialogs: Wildstar add-on by Jos_eu
  • GeminiAddon: Wildstar library by daihenka, Sinaloit