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4.2K Downloads Updated May 3, 2014 Created Mar 12, 2014

Radial menu addon

7.7K Downloads Updated Jun 30, 2014 Created Jun 18, 2014

Alerts PVP killing blows

4.2K Downloads Updated Jun 5, 2017 Created May 4, 2016

Tracks nearby PvPers, role players and normie players.

4K Downloads Updated Jun 22, 2014 Created Jun 22, 2014

Allows the user to press a modifier such as alt to cast a targeted spell...

3.3K Downloads Updated Jul 16, 2014 Created Jul 7, 2014

Alerts you when players of a certain user-defined guild appear nearby

12.8K Downloads Updated Sep 1, 2014 Created Aug 21, 2014

Ever find it a pain in the arse trying to stand in the sweet spot...

3.3K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2014 Created Aug 5, 2014

Adds a "Report Bot" option to the social context menu

3.4K Downloads Updated Sep 27, 2014 Created Sep 17, 2014

Always wanted to show off all the affiliation group you are part of ? Here...

4.8K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 18, 2014

Easily accessible buttons for communicating during a Walatiki Temple BG

4.3K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Mar 13, 2016

Marks players in battlegrounds according to role and current score. UI cleanup and performance rewrite...

6K Downloads Updated Aug 19, 2014 Created Mar 22, 2014

'SAS' (Switch Action Set) is a 'LAS' switcher with option to auto switch 'LAS' with...

39.9K Downloads Updated Aug 24, 2016 Created Mar 21, 2014

'TheZone' get information about players in your zone in real time and more..

7K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jul 14, 2014

Disables enemy player telegraphs when you're not flagged for PvP, as not to confuse you...

3.2K Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2014 Created Sep 20, 2014

Walatiki Ressurection Timer

3.8K Downloads Updated Apr 18, 2014 Created Apr 6, 2014

Quich chat commands for BG leaders

25.4K Downloads Updated Oct 11, 2015 Created Jun 16, 2014

Displays cooldowns, buffs, and debuffs on a timeline bar.

5.5K Downloads Updated Jun 15, 2014 Created Jun 9, 2014

A Timer that counts down until the next Moodi Mask spawn

5.5K Downloads Updated Jun 15, 2014 Created Jun 15, 2014

CC UI fix

3.5K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 27, 2014

Keep a list of the player names that has done you wrong, to easily add...

3.2K Downloads Updated Sep 21, 2014 Created Sep 20, 2014

This count the time you die.