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29.4K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Jun 3, 2016

Show current combat statistics and history for DPS, Healing, and Tanking as a graph. UI...

207K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 13, 2014

An addon for categorizing and rendering relevant units to the user (much like an 'ESP')

145K Downloads Updated Aug 29, 2014 Created Jun 7, 2014

Let MrFancyPants help you manage your gear sets!

22K Downloads Updated Mar 26, 2017 Created Jun 12, 2014

Adds 3D depth to nameplates.

5.7K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Mar 12, 2016

Easy movable display for current DPS, Heal, and Tank stats, like Crit and Multi-hit. UI...

11.4K Downloads Updated Jul 24, 2014 Created Jun 22, 2014

BG Shouter will inform you of all things PVP!

13.2K Downloads Updated Sep 28, 2016 Created Sep 9, 2015

Nameplates addon for WildStar

3.9K Downloads Updated Jul 19, 2014 Created Jun 15, 2014

FocusUp is an addon which tracks your in combat focus gains from special sources, such...

4.8K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2017 Created Jun 3, 2016

Easy movable display for stats for current Dungeon and BG queues. (High performance)

3.9K Downloads Updated Nov 18, 2015 Created Oct 18, 2015

Addon for finding and listing your Circle publicly

14.4K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2014 Created Jun 9, 2014

Shows a timeline of the cooldowns on your abilities

4.3K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 26, 2014

Logs nearby players with automatic report generation.

3.6K Downloads Updated Sep 26, 2014 Created Sep 22, 2014

Scanbot stealing your targets? Not any more!

4.8K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 18, 2014

Easily accessible buttons for communicating during a Walatiki Temple BG

3.4K Downloads Updated Sep 20, 2014 Created Sep 12, 2014

EnvironmentWatcher is an addon that tracks and displays buffs, debuffs and casts from players and...

39.9K Downloads Updated Aug 24, 2016 Created Mar 21, 2014

'TheZone' get information about players in your zone in real time and more..

3.3K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2014 Created Aug 5, 2014

Adds a "Report Bot" option to the social context menu

660 Downloads Updated Oct 26, 2015 Created Oct 26, 2015

Killing Blow alert for Battlegrounds

12.8K Downloads Updated Sep 1, 2014 Created Aug 21, 2014

Ever find it a pain in the arse trying to stand in the sweet spot...

25.4K Downloads Updated Oct 11, 2015 Created Jun 16, 2014

Displays cooldowns, buffs, and debuffs on a timeline bar.