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Range overlay inspired by Deadly Boss Mods /range command. Supports precise distances, tooltips, and unit targeting. This is a stand-alone mod that will eventually be a part of a family of boss mods called 'Precog'


Portions of the mod were built off of ForgeUI's mini-map. Want to credit WintyBadass for his excellent suite of addons. 

To show/hide the window:


 To set an exact range:

/range [distance in meters]

To change icon size:

/range iconSize [pixel width]

To adjust update frequency:

/range frameSkip [frames to skip]

Default value is zero. If performance is a concern, increase to reduce processor load. Higher values will cause unit positions to stutter and skip.


Here's the add-on in a raid environment. Showcases the new CC, intterupt, and dispel features:


Fix bug introduced by v0.1.2 that failed to load default setting values when a character save file does not exist.

Settings are now saved per character.
Fixed an issue with the central range indicator drawing incorrectly (hardly visible).
New and improved icon set.
Friendly player icons will now indicate if they are heal (plus)/tank (shield)/dps (triangle) in addition to class.
Players will flash when they interrupt (white), dispell (green), or are currently disabled by any CC state (hot pink).
Added NESW indicators.
Added mouse wheel support to increase/decrease the range. Hold shift for fine adjustments.
Allow user to set icon size through the use of the new '/range iconSize [pixels]' command.

Fix packaging so Curse Client can perform automatic installation.

Initial release.


Future Plans
Options Panel allowing users to use change colors, and use custom sprites.
Accurate tracking and portrayal of boss hitbox size.
Tracking of important raid debuffs (integration with Precog boss mods)

Known Issues
A player accepting an instance queue will sometimes leave behind a ghost dot. There is a bug in the Wildstar client that delays 'UnitDestroyed' events. These dots can be cleared by mounting/dismounting. The creation/destruction of your mount unit forces the client to flush the event queue triggering the missing 'UnitDestroyed' events and cleaning everything up.

If you want to see this fixed, please post here to keep the problem on Carbine's radar.