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PotatoTweaks applies small QoL changes to the game and/or other addons. These are changes that I usually make for myself and would like to share with the community. If you have a tweak you'd like to see, comment on this page and I'll see what I can do.


The current tweaks are:

  • Chat Loot Links - Adds link and item color to loot chat messages.
  • Remove Loot Rolls - Removes unnecessary roll chat message spam on Need vs Greed rolls.
  • Add Interface Buttons for Common Addons - Adds interface menu buttons (bottom left) for the following addons:
    • VortexMeter
  • MrFancyPants AutoEquip - Adds autoequipping of gear sets to MrFancyPants.
  • FailCheck Death Colors - Colors FailCheck death reports to distinguish from actual party chat.

Coming Soon:

  • Perspective Entries
    • Protogames - Rowsdowers
    • Shiphands - That damned Black Box
  • Inventory interface menu button (bottom left) for KuronaBags
  • Icons for plants/ore/trees types for nPrimeMinimap (Bloodbriar shows as a Bloodbriar on map)