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Perspective is an addon that tracks and displays units on the user's screen.

Perspective was inspired by the Ayth_Quest and EntSpy addons. I loved what the addons did but always felt they lacked the degree of customization that I demand.  I tried to keep the performance as fast as possible, but there are sliders under the settings to adjust for better performance as needed.

If you find that a unit is not working quite right, target the unit and use the /pti command.  Paste that information along with your comments for better results.

Development roadmap

For the gatherers out there

Perspective will track Plants, Mines, Relics, and Trees.  However, the instructions here will explain what to do if you only want to track specific nodes for each of these resource types.

This will only work for English clients.  You do this at your own risk to your settings file!

  1. Be logged out of the game otherwise this will not work.
  2. Now, back up your settings file before proceeding.  Located in %appdata%\Roaming\NCSOFT\Wildstar\AddonSaveData\UsernameFolder\Perspective_0_Acct.xml.
  3. Next open the file with a text editor.
  4. Open these websites 
  5. Carefully copy those sites, depending on the ones you want into your settings file.
  6. Save the settings file 
  7. Log in to the game and test.

Future features:

  • Coloring options including class, hostility, con level, health ranges and more
  • Option to only show harvestable nodes, separated by teirs
  • Custom unit tracking by:
    • Buffs / debuffs
    • Titles
    • And more
  • Profiles per zone such as a pvp profile for battlegrounds and separate zone profiles for different raid zones
  • Support for 3rd party addons to send in things to track
  • Sprite picker to select different sprites to use

Custom icons

I'm going to assume you know how to create images, size and dimension don't really matter, only tga file format matters. http://www.getpaint.net/ is an easy to use program that works with tga.

Now to edit PerspectiveSprites.xml.

  1. Find the Houston.exe (Houston64.exe) file in your Wildstar/Client folder.
  2. In Houston open the PerspectiveSprites.xml file
  3. In the list view on the left open the normal sprites
  4. To add a new sprite, click the new sprite button https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/124074/newsprite.jpg
  5. Now give it a name, for the tutorial I'll call it custom-sprite, by default Houston will add the last image in the list to the new file as seen here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/124074/spritename.jpg
  6. Add your custom image by clicking the file browser button https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/124074/filebrowser.jpg
  7. Using the handles select your image https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/124074/handles1.jpg
  8. Click the stretchy checkbox and it should look like this in the end https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/124074/handles2.jpg
  9. Save the file
  10. Reload your UI

Using the new custom sprite is as simple as typing it into the icon box in Perspective now, it will use the format PerspectiveSprites:custom-sprite

If you edit your tga file while in game you might have to log off and back on before it updates the client. Everytime you update Perspective you will need to recreate these, hopefully we have a solution in for custom sprites before long.

If you have some good custom images, feel free to share them with us, we will make them default images if we like them, we make no claim to be artists and are in no way offended by people not liking any icon we put in.  It's very hard to find / choose an icon that seems appropriate to use sometimes.

Another tip is use icons that have a base color of white they work better when trying to change the custom color while in game.



My options are not saving, what gives?

For options that are a text box, you must press enter after making a change.  It's currently this way so that if you find you made a mistake before hitting enter, you can then press escape and go back to the previous value.

How are the lines drawn?

Lines are draw to the closest targets up to the maximum set value for the category and whether they are drawn towards offscreen units.

How can this help me as a healer?

As a medic myself, I set my group to have a range limit of 15 meters, turn on show lines with a max line value of 4.  Then make sure the Color Line by Range value to checked and set the Range Color to something other than your normal line color, such as green.  This way whenever someone is within 15 meters of you, you'll see a green line to them, knowing if you heal them, they will most certainly be in range in most cases (square telegraphs not always included!).

How can this help me as a dps?

See the above FAQ on healers, but instead apply this to your target (under the Miscellaneous module) using the appropriate range limits.  Bonus, set your party up the same way as for a healer and know when you are in range for your healer to heal you!


Developmental Builds

If you would like the most updated experimental builds then you can find the project at https://github.com/ryanmarc/Perspective.