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Because gaming is a journey.


  • Designed to function / feel like Recount.
  • Originally based on NexusMeter by Brad Smith / RiftMeter by Vince@BlackOut@Brutwacht.
  • Utilizes ColorPicker, DaiGUI, DaiUtils by daihenka, (included.)
  • Improved customization, fixes, etc.

Latest Features

  • Fix tooltip text off screen edge.

  • Report to various chat channels.

  • Right-Click header for Modes-Selection.

  • Totals per Fight/Battle (single instance of combat.)

  • Option to disable Total bar(s) and Total(s) in the footer.
  • Configurable combat timeout, (delay in seconds ending combat,) ~ ReAdded, see Changelog.
  • Correctly accounting for the Overkill (game) bug that faults both GalaxyMeter and NexusMeter, causing their values to have wide variations.
  • Pets' stats can now be optionally shown separate from their owners.
  • Addon now pinnable from the interface(s) menu.
  • Pin now flashes during combat, shows # of battles, and displays report on hover.
  • Overall background color now changeable.
  • Added number of lines to Report options.
  • Optionally hide Addon during Combat.
  • Optionally track fights with Gathering/Crafting Nodes.
  • Improved transparency customization.
  • Improved font readability.
  • Various bug fixes / improvements.

Upcoming Improvements

  • Bar Textures!
  • Multi-mode: Optionally display multiple modes concurrently.
  • Track Player Deaths, possibly Threat.


Made possible through the tireless QA of users like yourself,
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