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3,782 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2015 Game Version: API 11

Addon date - 2015-10-11


I've added the fix for the quest tracker, however this is NOT my code nor I want to take credit for it! The original fix can be found here:




I've just simple added my code to this addon (seemed easier) and tested the whole thing. Now it saves the setting last time you made.


Addon date - 2015-10-10


The addon is quite simple. I hate it when I fight and there's like a zillion things showing up in my face..and my questlog takes a good portion of my screen. So I made an addon which hides it when you enter combat. After the combat ends, the questlog will reappear. There's a button in the option which you have to check on.


If you guys have any questions or there are bugs feel free to write!






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