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There are other skill swap addons, most notably SpellSwap and SkillSwitch, that allow you to swap skills/spells. They're nice, and they do their job well, but they're limited. While minor, I didn't care for skillswitch because I had to click to swap skills. SpellSwap only allowed you to swap four spells, which isn't exactly ideal. This addon fixes that issue, and allows you to add potentially infinite amount of swaps, which can all be accessed through the macro system already in game.


  • /nss opens the menu
  • /nss # toggles that numbers skills


You can access nSkillSwap's main config by typing /nss or through the in-game interface menu.

At the config, you can use the add button to add as many quick swaps as you'd like. Sadly, because of the API's very, very bad dropdown (combo) box work, I've resigned to having the user type in their own skills. Skills must be spelled correctly and are case sensitive.

Use /nss [id] where [id] is the number shown in first column. From this, you can easily use the macro interface (also found in the interface menu) to put skill swaps on your hotbar or mass swap between action sets. Skill swaps will have the same amount of skill points put in them from one skill to the next.

Note: this does not change your limited action set at any time, and as such addons such as MrFancyPants will reset your action set to your last used action set when returning to an action set affected by skill swaps.


  • I may at some point in the future switch this into another form that removes the need for typing on the users end.
  • Less reliance on the macro system


Special Thanks

SpellSwap, for providing a lot of the swap code functionality that only needed minor tweaking to fit in a more modular loadout.

MrFancyPants, for the three lines of code that make nSkillSwap exist in the interface menu.


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