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This add-on is a simple nearby players tracker and aims to restore the tracker removed by Carbine in patch #13373. In addition, it will also display nearby Friends, Guildies, PvPers and Role-players and a Mini-map "radar' on demand.

NearbyPlayers will fall to transparent mode when it's not in focus. Its window can be dragged to a corner and resized at will.

The displayed list of players will show a limited number of useful information about each unit: player name, distance, level and class.

Role-players will only be shown if you're a member of LFRP or/and WSRP chat channels. Other channels can be set on advanced settings.

The tracker window is closable. To bring it back, type "/nearby" in chat window.

The tracker settings can be found on the Escape menu under "Nearby Players Tracker".

Mouse events
  • Left click: Set player as target if in range and hint an arrow in their direction.
  • Middle click: Trigger a chat whisper with the selected player.
  • Right click: Preview the player character and hint an arrow in their direction.
Colors code
  • Red: Enemy PvPer.
  • Orange: Enemy non-PvPer.
  • Yellow: Ally PvPer.
  • Green: Ally RPer.
  • Blue: Guildmate.
  • Purple: Friend.
  • White: A normie.
Known issues
  • For performance sake, the refresh rate of the nearby players list is automatically reduced in populated areas (unless it's tracking pvpers), therefore the list may not be accurate at times.
  • Due to chat lag and code imperfection, the RPers list may take a moment to update.
  • QuestLog and Who: Wildstar built-in add-ons by Carbine
  • LFRP: Wildstar add-on by baslack
  • Guard Mini Map: Wildstar add-on by jjflanigan