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MrFancyPants is an equipment manager for Wildstar. The API does not allow us to equip gear through addons directly; however, I've come up with a temporary work around to help in the meantime. Once we have the required API calls I'll remove the workaround in an updated version of the addon.

MrFancyPants allows you to create and save various sets of gear. A large interface icon will appear in the upper right corner of the UI displaying any gear you need to equip for that set. MrFancyPants should never show you items that are not soulbound (in case you say, craft four items and want to wear one). That said, the addon is brand new and testing isn't super thorough, and the nature of the workaround is limited so I can't 100% guarantee what will end up in that icon box. If you accidentally bind something, there's nothing I can do about it other than apologize. I've never had a problem with it myself though!

MrFancyPants now also adds a line to the tooltip of items used by sets letting you know what sets they belong to.

TODO List:

  • More visual options to the LAS quickSwap bar (scale/position)
  • A more toned down tooltip style (optional)
  • Support for partial sets (have a 'pvp healing' set that only includes a weapon for lower maintenance)
  • Some mechanism for updating a single slot of a set not currently equipped easily. This may be tricky though.
  • Automagically equip gear one day (waiting on API from Carbine)
  • Rework the item database to be more robust (this will likely wipe everyone's sets and will be held off until 2.0 - I need to get two pieces of gear with the exact same stats/name but different empty runes so I can fix them being confused)
  • Change sets from the QuickSwap menu instead of opening the main MrFancyPants window. (added)

A quick tutorial on using MrFancyPants can be viewed here: