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Movable Frames Updated will start downloading in 5 seconds...


Project Abandoned: I'm not playing the game anyone, for several reason. If you want the project to continue, ask elidion, maybe he came back, or do it by yourself. Good luck.


I just updated the addon at the current version fixing stuff.

All thanks goes to elidion, creator of Movable Frames.  

Movable Frames is a simple U.I. unlocker that allows you to move, scale and hide elements of the UI where you please.

Type /mf to bring up the menu, check the items you wish to move or scale and once they're set, uncheck them. If you want them hidden, just check the hide button.
The addon also features a Grid to help with addon alignment (Press ESC to close the grid) as well as saved profiles to bring up settings of different characters. 

Supports things such as Resource frames, map (reducing it so no more fullscreen, move press-to-loot windows ecc, some of the things are movable by game default options, others don't. 

Example of how to modify the ui like mine: