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Performs emotes even if you're on a mount. Defers to the animated emotes if you aren't.
Can optionally intercept animated emotes if you're mounted (and if you use the default Carbine chat interface).

Use "/mountsafe <emote>" or "/ms <emote>". For example, "/ms wave" or "/ms nod".
Use "/ms intercept on" and "/ms intercept off" to control intercepting emotes. When it's on you can use /wave and so forth and the addon will detect them if you are mounted and use the MountSafe equivalent.

If you are not mounted, it will pass along to the usual emote and it will do all the fancy stuff like animating and showing you different text than it shows other people. If you are mounted, it will show emote text that "closely approximates" the built-in emote.

Currently supported emotes:

  • no, yes
  • applaud, clap
  • cheer, hurray
  • cry, crying
  • dance, dance1, dance2
  • cower, fear
  • farewell, bye, goodbye
  • shout, talk, flex, kneel, point, shrug, wave, beckon, bow, laugh, salute, sleep, drink, eat, stand, sit, nod
  • strain

Issues, limitations, and ideas:

  • Chua report as male for text ("<name> nods his head."). I waffled between "his," "its," and "their," but went with "his" because it's what the built-in emote does. Maybe this would be a good place for some sort of configuration.
  • No localization at the moment.
  • No way to customize the text (other than editing the Lua file, which is really easy if you want to do that).
  • I considered detecting whether the mount is a hoverboard, since I could see wanting different text in that case, but I don't know that it's worth the effort.

I usually put these in macros so I can hotkey them. Makes it easy to do drive-by wavings (control-tab, press wave hotkey).