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MJPriority is a simple Priority and Cooldown Management Addon for Wildstar. For now only DPS Stalker is supported, but i am looking into other Classes (and Tank Stalker) - may need quite a bit of time.

Available Abilities for Priority Frame and their requirements to show up (in addition to not being on CD, having enough SP and being used in current LAS):

  • Impale
  • Ruin:  Ruin Debuff on Target < 1.5 sec left
  • Punish: Proc and <30 SP (for now... it's too  fast at exactly <35)
  • Neutralize
  • Analyze Weakness
  • Concussive Kicks
  • Shred

On the right side of the Priority-Frame is a Field for CDs, which include (only visible if used in current LAS):

top row (interrupts):

  • Stagger
  • Collapse
  • False Retreat

botton row (dmg/movement CDs):

  • NanoSkin
  • Gadget
  • Preparation
  • Pounce
  • Tactical Retreat

/mjp - makes Priority-Frame visible/invisible
/mjpconfig - MJPriority Settings, you can configure size of the Priority-Frame and the Priorities.

(For debugging and development purposes: /printbuffs, /printabilities)

Planned Features include:

  • Detect and adapt to different Action Sets
  • Stalker Tank Abilities
  • Later: Other Classes
Important: i DO NOT recommend using this Addon for PvP/Dungeons/Raids. You most likely will lose DPS while using Priority Addons of any sort. This is mainly for brainafk Daily-Questing, Adventures, Challenge-Farming etc.


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