7,670 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 14, 2017 Game Version: API16


- a highly customizable replacement for your Group- and Raidframes -


(all the above are available as 'Defaults' inside the profile tab)


The Settings open by typing '/mrf' into the chatbox, Clicking the 'MischhRaidFrames' button within the escape-menu or with the top-right button within the FastMenu (rightclick a groupheader)


Core Features:

  • Customize everything! - Be prepared to be overwhelmed by Options.
  • Performance - You can choose by yourself how frequently units are updated to adjust performance needs.
  • Grouping - This Addon supports creation of custom subgroups compatible to VinceRaidFrames
  • Sharing - You are able to share your profile by exporting/importing it. Perfect for all those not familiar with the Settings.

Please request any missing feature in the Comments below!



Currently supported Modules:



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