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6.4K Downloads Updated Aug 7, 2014 Created Jun 13, 2014

Rivalry adds players that kill you in open-world-pvp as your rival.

1.3K Downloads Updated May 28, 2014 Created May 14, 2014

Keep track of your total and character play time - Ingame alerts & notifications

3.2K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 21, 2014

basically a lazy reload ui method

5K Downloads Updated May 9, 2014 Created Apr 4, 2014

Saves and displays lore object data, not displayed in the Lore Window

3.3K Downloads Updated May 15, 2014 Created May 14, 2014

A quick tool to challenge or forfeit duels

3.7K Downloads Updated Jul 23, 2014 Created Jul 20, 2014

ElderTime is a simple clock to show game time, server time, and local time.

21.3K Downloads Updated May 13, 2014 Created May 10, 2014

A more permanent solution for setting your default mount

3.8K Downloads Updated Jun 5, 2014 Created Jun 5, 2014

Help invite other members to your guild, see who's been invited, and keep track of...

3.5K Downloads Updated Jan 16, 2015 Created Oct 11, 2014

Select »Yes« on some dialogs automatically. Currently supporting Transportation, Teleportation and Lightspire.

13.2K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 2, 2014

Moves the vendor alert message frame, so that it doesn't overlap the item list anymore.

4.5K Downloads Updated Oct 25, 2015 Created Apr 26, 2014

Keep notes on other players and give them a positive/negative rating

15.4K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jul 1, 2014

Bot Detection addon for Wildstar.

4K Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2015 Created Mar 18, 2015

Tracks the player's movement speed.

3.3K Downloads Updated Jul 16, 2014 Created Jul 4, 2014

Adds a confirmation window for when you accidentally press "Resurrect Here"

4.3K Downloads Updated Sep 29, 2015 Created Feb 12, 2015

Small QoL changes to the game and/or addons.

4.6K Downloads Updated Oct 12, 2015 Created Oct 11, 2015

Automatically reduces graphics settings when entering specified zones (such as capital cities or raids) to...

3.8K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 14, 2014

Makes the sprint meter non-clickable. So you can rotate the camera even if you click...

4K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jul 5, 2014

A collection of bug fixes for Carbine addons.

20K Downloads Updated Sep 23, 2014 Created Jun 15, 2014

Allows you to enter notes for your neighbors. Also automatically detects harvest nodes and...

3.5K Downloads Updated Aug 3, 2014 Created Jul 30, 2014

Addon to provide repair information for your housing plots allowing easier tracking of when you...