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3.2K Downloads Updated Dec 13, 2016 Created Dec 13, 2016

Creates a library of every decor in the game and keeps track of where to...

4.2K Downloads Updated Apr 26, 2014 Created Apr 26, 2014

Steer your chompacabra around a maze eating pellets and dodging chua.

3.3K Downloads Updated Nov 17, 2015 Created Nov 17, 2015

Collects a variety of information on your dungeon runs

5.3K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 19, 2014

QOL addon to permit mousewheel scrolling in windows that don't support it

3.1K Downloads Updated Jul 8, 2014 Created Jul 8, 2014

Tracks starting and ending Credit amounts.

3.2K Downloads Updated Jul 24, 2014 Created Jul 24, 2014

Track how much you are earning in game in terms of US dollars!

4.3K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Jun 6, 2014

Remove the enginner's pet panel

811 Downloads Updated Jun 6, 2014 Created Jun 3, 2014

Allows you to track things by name. Requires TrackMaster.

3.3K Downloads Updated Jul 31, 2014 Created Jul 17, 2014

Collection of fixes for some Carbine addons.

5.2K Downloads Updated Jun 10, 2017 Created Jul 30, 2016

Collection of fixes for bugs and issues in Carbine addons

3.8K Downloads Updated Jul 20, 2014 Created Jun 7, 2014

User-customizable list of things to do in the game.

7.8K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2016 Created May 17, 2015

Preview and dye every wearable item in the game.

1.1K Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2014 Created Jun 3, 2014

Reloads your UI automatically every hour to clear up UI lag

5.9K Downloads Updated May 22, 2014 Created Apr 6, 2014

AutoHotKey Script to lock Mouselook and rebind LMB/RMB to combat skills

14.5K Downloads Updated Jun 27, 2014 Created Jun 9, 2014

Shows a timeline of the cooldowns on your abilities

25.8K Downloads Updated May 3, 2014 Created Mar 15, 2014

A small addon that changes the font of the combat text and makes critical hit's...

115 Downloads Updated May 22, 2018 Created May 21, 2018

Makes targeting and interaction much easier when mouse lock is active.

4K Downloads Updated Nov 12, 2016 Created Dec 30, 2015

Remembers the last queued content so that you can queue again with a simple macro

241K Downloads Updated Sep 29, 2015 Created May 9, 2014

Automates the Simon says memory game

4.6K Downloads Updated May 9, 2018 Created Jun 23, 2014

ElderBar allows you to see ElderGems, Prestige, Reputations or your PathLevel instead of only the...