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96.9K Downloads Updated Mar 29, 2015 Created Mar 23, 2014

You now have the entire Galaxy's information at your fingertips!

6.7K Downloads Updated Oct 16, 2015 Created Jul 6, 2015

An addon for taking Green Screen style shots of your character.

5.3K Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2014 Created Apr 20, 2014

A quick and simple FPS Counter

1.1K Downloads Updated Jun 3, 2014 Created Jun 3, 2014

Reloads your UI automatically every hour to clear up UI lag

7.8K Downloads Updated Sep 2, 2016 Created May 17, 2015

Preview and dye every wearable item in the game.

3.6K Downloads Updated Feb 25, 2018 Created Dec 11, 2016

Various hacks/fixes

5.7K Downloads Updated Jul 25, 2014 Created Mar 29, 2014

KillingTime estimates how long your current target will take to die and the average DPS...

376K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2017 Created May 29, 2014

Completes CSI events such as Rapid Tap, Press And Hold, Metronome, and Memory (Simon) automatically.

145K Downloads Updated Jul 20, 2014 Created Apr 26, 2014

Allows players to adjust FoV settings to reduce eye fatigue.

4.6K Downloads Updated May 9, 2018 Created Jun 23, 2014

ElderBar allows you to see ElderGems, Prestige, Reputations or your PathLevel instead of only the...

702K Downloads Updated Aug 5, 2014 Created Apr 21, 2014

Addon makes it easier to find and unlock AMPs.

4.2K Downloads Updated May 16, 2014 Created May 15, 2014

This is just a simple addon that will list all the available slash command in...

11K Downloads Updated Jul 27, 2014 Created May 19, 2014

Clockstalker is a lightweight clock addon for Wildstar.

8.2K Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2015 Created Mar 8, 2015

Search through the in-game item database for an item with specific properties.

4.1K Downloads Updated Jul 26, 2014 Created May 12, 2014

DKP-Manager for EQdkp plus

50 Downloads Updated Apr 10, 2018 Created Apr 8, 2018

Builds your raid automatically.

5.7K Downloads Updated May 24, 2014 Created May 24, 2014

Allows the Player to control the Mouse and Keyboard turning speed

3.2K Downloads Updated Apr 20, 2017 Created Apr 9, 2017

Shows all Prime Instance Medals in a neat screen

22.2K Downloads Updated Jul 15, 2014 Created Mar 29, 2014

Adds a button to the Game Exit Menu to teleport to your house.

813 Downloads Updated Jun 6, 2014 Created Jun 3, 2014

Allows you to track things by name. Requires TrackMaster.