305 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 27, 2017 Game Version: API16

Addon helps with catching Magnum Voids, by drawing lines to those.


First version limitations:


1. For Magnum Void to be tracked, you need to hit the target (hit may be deflected, but can't be missed in the air).

2. It should work in groups with few Slingers using Magnum, but may cause wrong Magnum Void to b traced if 2 are casted with less than 0.10-0.20sec between (not tested yet). After testing in DS it is not working good enough yet, because of too many object with the same ID as Magnum Voids spawning all the time, I will implement new guess heuristic soon, to improve its reliability in raids.

3. Other Slingers in your area can't shot their Rapid Fire it the air, while you're casting Magnum, Rapid Fire hitting any target should be safe.


With new Magnum Void detection heuristic in version 0.4, proper Voids should be traced in all situations that can happen in real-life scenarios.


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