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This addon allows you to add custom sounds and sprites to LUI Aura and other addons, so that updating these addons will not overwrite / delete all your costum files.

How to add images:

  • Put your images into LUI Media's sub-directories.
  • Open Houston.exe which is in your WildStar Directory.
  • Go to "File" -> "Open" to open one of XML files, depending on which type of sprite you want to add:
    • animations.xml
    • bars.xml
    • borders.xml
    • forms.xml
    • icons.xml
    • spells.xml
    • text.xml
  • After you opened the file, click on the New Sprite Button (which looks like an image of a landscape - 6th button from right)
  • Next click on File Browser, import your desired image and give your sprite a fitting name.
  • Make sure the image you are importing is located within LUI Media's sub-directories.
  • Now move the brown square buttons like on the image "stretchy.jpg" which is in the addon directory.
  • Check the "Stretchy" Checkbox.
  • Save the XML file.
  • Add another entry to the list of sprites in LUI_Media.lua. (don't forget the comma at the end)
  • Save this file and restart wildstar.

How to add costum sounds:

  • Open Houston.exe which is located in your WildStar Directory.
  • Create a new addon! (Name and Author can be anything).
  • Go to Includes -> Edit Sound and add your audio files (can be .wav or .mp3)
  • You can find the converted audio files within the addon directory of your newly created addon.
  • Now move your converted audio file into LUI Medias's sounds subdirectory (Addons/LUI_Media/sounds)
  • Add another entry to the list of soundfiles.
    • Example: ["test"] = "test.wav", (don't forget the comma at the end)
  • Save this file and restart wildstar.