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LUI Frames adds some good old Art/Backgrounds and other things based on LUI v2 for World of Warcraft to your WildStar UI. 

The addon comes with an ingame option panel which allows you to customize basically everything. Since i still have no intereset in developing a complete UI overhaul for WildStar, this was my quick and dirty way in cleaning up my UI. Hope you like it.

This addon contains:

  • Minimalistic WildStar Interface Menu List
  • Minimalistic Info Panel with Latency/XP/FPS/Gold/Time and more
  • Backgrounds for Actionbar/Sidebar/Minimap - optional
  • Art (lines/cubes) - optional
  • Option Panel to make it fully customizable (Press ESC -> LUI Frames)

What other addons should i use?

  • ForgeUI Minimap (not mandatory)
  • Candybars (not mandatory)
  • SkillSwitch (not mandatory)

What addons should i not use? 

  • ForgeUI InterfaceMenuList
  • ForgeUI InfoBar
  • or other replacements for these two things.

Thanks to ForgeUI for providing the code for the Interface Menu and some other snippets.

What else should i know?

For better compatibility with actionbar addons, i recommend keeping "ActionBarFrame" from carbine enabled, but hidden. You can hide all carbine stuff like ResourceBar,ActionBar,SecondaryBars either through MainMenu -> Interface -> Visibility or, if you use Candybars, which i also recommend, you can do that there also. Just set everything related to your ActionFrameBar to "Always Off".