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LUI_AugmentorHelper was designed to support your Kickers interrupting the Laser at Augmentor Hardmode.

How does it work?

The Addon will automatically detect if you are at Augmentors or not and once the fight starts it will determine the speed in which the Laser (Organic Incinerator) turns. The addon then calculates the amount of degree the laser moves per second and is therfor able to estimate the duration it takes to arrive at Bosses A B and C.

In Static Mode, the Addon draws three lines so its possible for East Boss Kicker to interrupt accordingly regardless where the player stands. (could dps/heal at West Boss for example).

You can setup the Addon to your liking to only see e.g. Kicker East specific Timers/Lines/Notifications and you can also choose a specific offset between the laser and the line drawn. In order for the laser to accordingly disappear in front of the boss and reappear after the boss, you have to kick the Incinerator about 20 degree's before it reaches the boss. You can adjust that value to whatever suits you most. So the Timer/Countdown will reach 0 once it arrives at your set offset.


  • Type /agh or /AGH to open Option Panel or
  • Press ESC and click on LUI_AugmentorHelper to open Option Panel
  • Enable "Config Mode" and start turning your player slowly to the left.


  • Fully customizable
  • Support for Static and Floating Kicker Strategy
  • Countdown Sound Notifications
  • Backup Player Support

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