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Feel free to hit me up  on twitter @KuronaTwit or ingame Kurona Silversky @ Entity or even on Steam


KuronaBags is a unique bag addon. It provides everything you normally expect, but has a unique twist. You have unlimited bag slots to work with! Well to be fair there Is a limit, but it's kinda high.



In addition to having all the slots you could want to organize your junk, there's a few extras such as a built in search bar and a nice loot notification windows.



  • Adjustable number of bag slots, up to hundreds of slots(you still can only carry what you bags allow, but you have space to move stuff around) This can be disabled for a basic bag experience.
  • You can make additional bag windows seperate from the main one. You can even minimize them if you want them hidden.
  • Sorting! You can specify search patterns for each of the new bags you create to have new items automatically show up in that bag.
  • KuronaSalvage is included. its a modified version of the carbine salvage window but lets you Ignore items you never wish to salvage.
  • Salvage Prevention! You can specify any Extra bags to prevent salvaging with the build in Salvage Addon
  • AutoSort button: This button can be used to move any items in your main bag to the extra bags based on their search strings.
  • Loot notification for when you get items or money. Works like IconLoot.
  • Search bar! Easily find whatever items you want.
  • Auto Repair /  Auto Junk and AMPs toggles.
  • Includes an Optional Quest item bag.
  • Includes a basic bank and Tradeskill bag.
  • Search the AH/CX/Tradeskill Schematics by shift+clicking and item in your bag.
  • You can also disable the "Virtual Inventory System" in favor of a basic bag experience. It includes a few sorting methods and a Search function.

Known Issues:

  • The Bank API is a bit limited so I can't do anything really fancy yet. Still looking into it!