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The addon is supposed to show everything related to interrupting in an intuitive and uncomplicated way.


  • Green bar for interruptable casts
  • Red bar for uninterruptable casts
  • Purple bar for Moment of Opportunity
  • Small blue bars represent interrupt armor and turn green when destroyed, yellow when you did it
  • Random, but consistent icons (deactivatable)
  • Target prioritizing
  • Highlighting: highlighted casts are orange and play an optional sound
    Setup a macro like this for highlighting in fight:
/interruptor highlight 0

0 - no sound
1 - less annoying sound
2 - more annoying sound

Alternatively you can set it up outside of combat by including the spell name in quotes:

/interruptor highlight 0 "Smash"

Use the command with the same sound option to deactivate again.


  • Access:
    • /interruptor
    • Esc > Interruptor
  • Move and scale both Castbar and IA Container (find the corner)
  • Change Targeting Priority Order
  • Activate or deactivate icons
  • Distribution Value: Each number has a different but consistent icon distribution. Useful to change when different casts of a boss have the same or similar icons.
  • Deactivate Default Castbars
  • Show Interrupt Armor only during casts
  • NEW: Select special icon for MoO or keep icon from previous cast
  • Change all the colors and textures
  • Build your own look or create a profile on the basis of a predefined one
  • If you like designing, go to %Appdata%/NCSOFT/Wildstar/Addons/Interruptor/Style and insert your own textures. (Tutorial may come in the future) Feel free to send me your results to include them in the addon!

Planned Features:

  • more on highlighting, blacklisting and functioning like boss mods
  • some communication/coordination system
  • display a bar for the recharging interrupt armor (may be impossible?)

Known Bugs:

  • Arcane Shock is not counted as proper interrupt, can't be tracked

Note: Most of the textures are taken with permission from here.