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I've uploaded a new version, 1.1.8.  The new UI now shows the Level Up unlock window in the upper left corner, so that part has been removed from the add-on.  Updated to work with API 8.

Wildstar occasionally adds buttons/windows in the middle of the screen.  During combat or a challenge, they can get in the way.  This add-on removes or modifies those items that are not really necessary to begin with.

- Comm button / Green check button -  removed
When you get a new quest via your comm, a small dish antenna button appears in the middle of the screen. When you finish a quest, sometimes a green check mark button appears. Neither is necessary.  For the comm button your Datachron also has a button that lights up, and if you miss the message, you can look at it later via the missed messages display.  For the green check mark, that quest turns green in your quest tracker, and there is a small button just to the left to remotely turn the quest in.  In neither case, do you need to immediately respond. Any key-binding to the buttons will still work.

The current state of the add-on satisfies my needs, but I will consider changes/options if requested.