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HPSStats will start downloading in 5 seconds...


I've asked Foxykeep whether or not I can modify his DPSStats to maybe integrate some new features.

He said he doesn't play the game anymore so he doesn't care as long I give credit to him.

Eitherway the add-on shows your stats HPS stats.

  • support power
  • effective support power
  • insight
  • critical hit chance
  • critical severity chance
  • focus recovery
  • focus cost reduction

You can use /hpsstats to show/hide the window

Currently effective support power and support power are shown in green until hitting 3600.

Once they hit 3600 support power is shown in red and effective support power shows in orange.

This add-on simplifies viewing your HPS stats so you do not require to use the huge character window while in the raid or doing HPS tests.. I guess...

Thanks to Foxykeep for programming the base add-on (Which can be found here)