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GuildieKarma is a Wildstar addon to assign private ranking to guildmates. Ranking is simply a number between 0 and 5, and it is assigned at the user's discretion. This ranking is not shared with other guildmates.

Please report all issues and submit enhancement requests on the GuildieKarma CurseForge Project Issues page. This will help me keep track of the issues and their fixes. It will also provide a better way to track enchancement requests and their implementation plans.

When reporting issues, please include as many details as possible to describe when the error occurred. At a minimum, please include:

  • Addon Version
  • Did the error occur after a new install or after an update?
  • How was the error triggered?
  • The complete error message

Thank you!


Current Features

  • API 12
  • Fully integrated into the Carbine Guild Roster window
  • Ratings are displayed next to Guild member names
  • All ratings can be cleared by issuing the /gkarma reset command

Sharing Data Using Google Drive

  1. Upload addon saved data (XML file) to Google Drive
  2. Generate the XML file's document URL

    1. In Google Drive, right-click on the XML file
    2. Select 'Get Link'

    Example URL:

    3. Change the word open in the URL to uc

    Modified URL:

    You will need this modified URL in the Google Sheet

  3. Create a new Google Sheet on Google Drive
  4. Set the following row/column values
    • A1: =importXML("MODIFIED_URL", "/Document/N[@K='Roster']/N/@K")
    • B1: =importXML("MODIFIED_URL", "/Document/N[@K='Roster']/N/@V")

      Replace MODIFIED_URL with the modified URL from step 2
  5. Save the document

This will populate the Google Sheet with column A containing the names of guild members, and column B containing their Karma rating.