GuildAlias: Realname

3,197 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 Game Version: API 11

New at 27.10.15: NOT A BETA ANYMORE! 
Note: This addon is currently definitely working! If it does not for you, please let me know! Please leave a comment with the concrete Failure-Message in that case. I will be helping out then.
* Standard Carbine ChatLog (which ships with Wildstar when you do not install any ChatLog customization / addons)
In order for this addon to work you NEED the standard ChatLog! You may NOT have any custom ChatLog installed!
I got some tips how to also make the addon work with custom ChatLog addons, but this will be implemented later.
Let me know if you would like a integration for a dedicated Addon (tell me it's name). For at least 20 requests I will do my best to write a integration to that desired addon.
What is this?
This tiny, simple addon enables you to set up a name that shall always be printed to the guild in front of your actual post
Type one of these commands into the chat-window:

* UI config window
* completely free alias string
* aliases per charakter per realm
* set up an alias for whisper
* add compatibility for other ChatLog addons
This addon should work in all localizations but was only tested within the german client with german and english chat-commands (/g hello!)
This addon does NOT replace anything! 
* 25/26.10.2015 (0.1.0): First release
* 27.10.2015 (1.0.0): First version that I won't call a beta
 - Did massive testing and fixed a hand full of bugs
 - Added UI config window -> reachable via /guildalias
 - Enabled different aliases for different characters on different realms
 - Removed "[]: " -> You can now completely free set the name
 - refactored the project
 - cleaned up messy code
* 30.10.2015 (1.1.9):
 - Removed command line config (cmd still open the config GUI)
 - Now one can also configure an "alias" for instance, party, say, yell etc
 - massive code optimization (there are still parts that for sure can be optimized)
 - more testing
 - changed config UI window


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