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3.9K Downloads Updated Jun 8, 2014 Created Jun 8, 2014

Welcomes new members to your guild.

3.2K Downloads Updated Apr 5, 2016 Created Jul 24, 2015

Wildstar addon to assign private ranking to guildmates

3.9K Downloads Updated Aug 10, 2014 Created Jul 12, 2014

EPGP Addon

3.8K Downloads Updated Jun 5, 2014 Created Jun 5, 2014

Help invite other members to your guild, see who's been invited, and keep track of...

3.6K Downloads Updated Jul 26, 2014 Created Jul 26, 2014

Helps raid leaders organize egg interrupts on Kuralak by providing a simple interface that generates...

3.1K Downloads Updated Jul 27, 2014 Created Jul 27, 2014

A Text based RP Game