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This addon replaces the standard Carbine ZoneMap addon.  I opted to go the full replacement route rather than just hooking in and making changes due to the breadth of the changes I am making and the interdependence of the different pieces.


  • Fixes Carbine Addon issue of losing icons on /reloadui
  • Show / Hide City Guards (Direction Givers)
  • Custom icons for all of the different harvesting nodes
  • Icons for resource nodes - Scientist Scan, Settler Resource, Explorer Interest Points
  • Lore items and Datacubes
  • Option to show all of the continent taxi nodes
  • Waypoint functionality (based VERY heavily on NavMate's Waypoint system)
    • Ctrl+Right click to add a waypoint on the MiniMap
    • Right click a set waypoint for a context menu of options
      • Share Waypoint (with group members)
      • Rename Waypoint
      • Recolor Waypoint (as well as select the default waypoint color)
      • Toggle Permanency
      • Remove Waypoint
    • Unless toggled as permanent, waypoints auto-remove once you reach them
    • Waypoints are shared between Guard Mini Map and Guard Zone Map
    • Waypoints are retained between sessions
    • /gway clear to remove all non-permanent waypoints
    • /gway clearall to remove all waypoints, including permanent ones


New with 1.6 - Colored Waypoints:
Added the ability to recolor your waypoints
Added the ability to change the default coloring for your waypoints
Fixed an issue that could cause filtered icons to still appear on the map


New with 1.7 - "Permanent" Waypoints:
Added the ability to make a waypoint "permanent"
Added new icon for permanent waypoints
Adjusted /gway clear to skip permanent waypoints when removing
Added /gway clearall command to remove all waypoints including permanent ones


New with 1.9 - Waypoints from the command line:
Added /gzm command to open the options window
Added option to Mute Taxi Driver
Added new option to /gway to manually create a waypoint, use -p at the end to indicate a permanent waypoint
/gway x, z [<Waypoint Name>] [-p]