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This addon replaces the standard Carbine Minimap addon.  I opted to go the full replacement route rather than just hooking in and making changes due to the breadth of the changes I am making and the interdependence of the different pieces.
Replacement for ZoneMap also available
Adds an option for a square minimap, a minimalistic circle option (no compass / background) as well as many additional filters (all optional):
  • Hold CTRL and Left-Click & Drag to move the minimap
  • Show / Hide City Guards (Direction Givers)
  • Special icons for hostile and neutral prime mobs
  • Custom icons for all of the different harvesting nodes
  • Icons for resource nodes - Scientist Scan, Settler Resource, Explorer Interest Points
  • Lore items and Datacubes
  • Quest and Challenge Pickups (items) / interactables and Kill targets
  • Enemy PCs (red for PvP flagged, yellow for Unflagged)
  • Custom movable coordinates window
  • Custom more visible quest arrow
  • /gmm command for options window
    • Taxis on Zone Map was taken from the NavMate addon and tweaked for my needs
    • Hide Coordinates frame allows you to have "free floating" coordinate text
    • Minimap Opacity slider
  • Waypoint functionality (based VERY heavily on NavMate's Waypoint system)
    • Ctrl+Right click to add a waypoint on the MiniMap
    • Right click a set waypoint for a context menu of options
      • Share Waypoint (with group members)
      • Rename Waypoint
      • Recolor Waypoint (as well as select the default waypoint color)
      • Toggle Permanency
      • Remove Waypoint
    • Unless toggled as permanent, waypoints auto-remove once you reach them
    • Waypoints are shared between Guard Mini Map and Guard Zone Map
    • Waypoints are retained between sessions
    • /gway clear to remove all non-permanent waypoints
    • /gway clearall to remove all waypoints, including permanent ones
    • /gway x, z [<Waypoint Name>] [-p] to manually create a waypoint, use -p at the end to indicate a permanent waypoint
New with 1.18:
  • Added white frame option for the circular map
  • Added N/S compass indicator option for the square map
New with 1.19 - Colored Waypoints:
  • Added the ability to recolor your waypoints
  • Added the ability to change the default coloring for your waypoints
New with 1.20 - "Permanent" Waypoints:
  • Added the ability to make a waypoint "permanent"
  • Added new icon for permanent waypoints
  • Adjusted /gway clear to skip permanent waypoints when removing
  • Added /gway clearall command to remove all waypoints including permanent ones
New with 1.22 - Waypoints from the command line:
  • Added new option to /gway to manually create a waypoint, use -p at the end to indicate a permanent waypoint
    /gway x, z [<Waypoint Name>] [-p]
New with 1.26:
  • Added the option for a Custom Player arrow -- Let me know in the comments or via PM if it's still too large, I have a 12x12 version included in the sprites\other folder
  • Moved some options around - Coordinate window display option is now in the /gmm option window (since it wasn't actually related to the minimap)
New with 1.27:
  • Adjusted the overlay property of Datacubes and Lore Items
  • Added a /gmm option to change the font used on the minimap
New with 1.28:
  • Square map is now fully resizable, both horizontally and vertically
New with 1.29:
  • Added Fast Travel Button
  • Added local / server clock
  • Hopefully resolved issue with group members not appearing off screen
  • Work towards adjusting quest markers sometimes hiding
  • Options window is now draggable (ctrl + click and drag)
  • Added in a trigger for the repeatable (Daily) quest givers -- they should now appear
Known Issues
  • None