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You should cupcake!  Display player character resources as a "Heads-Up" display in a number of attractive textures and skins.

Choose from 25 unique textures and skins to customize your Nexus experience!

Add practically an unlimited number of HUDs to track your character combat resources like Health, Shields, Aborbs, Shield & Absorbs, Health/Shield/Absorbs Sombined, Sprint power, Class specific resources, Dash regeneration, and Dash Charges! 

Customize the HUD placement, scale, opacity, rotation (experimental).  You chose WHEN you want to see the HUD too, hide the HUD when the resource is above or below a threshold, or when you enter combat!   Even apply a color gradient to your HUD based on the percentage full your resource is!  (ColorPicker required to change colors).

Still not enough?  Those same HUDs can be supplemented with a text based representation of the resource (with or without a skin) that you can place practically anywhere on the screen!


Learn about all these delicious options using the slash commands:  /gothud  or /hud


Same as every other WildStar add-on, use the Curse Client, Mission Control or drop in %appdata%\NCSoft\Wildstar\Addons


Textures and Skins were converted from IceHUD, DHUD, ArcHUD, and PotatoHUD.   The author claims no ownership over the texture/skin artwork.

Known Issues

  • Rotation is accomplished with the Carbine Window API SetRotation() which rotates a sprite around the image center.  Consequently, much of the artwork obtained is not centered within a square frame so frequently skins will be cutoff.
  • When using the setup screen, the dropdowns for resource and style sometimes (unintentionally) interacts with the checkboxes behind the dropdown list.


  • Make skins (width/height)
  • Add Focus unit resources


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