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Hey everyone, SpaceWalker/zetas2k here to thank you all for your support on GBI. I've just released version 2.0 which is, for the most part, a complete overhaul of the system, especially the config window. Seeing as it's all new code, there will very likely be bugs, please report it and I'll fix them ASAP. In addition, we're missing some node data from the Dominion areas. If you're a survivalist dom player and you're willing to help, please let me know.

Up Next: Localization, bugfixes, and optimization

Please post issues here. I don't get notified of new comments and I tend to miss actual issues.


This is a derivative work of GatherBuddy by Ciuine, It was originally created on 6/8/14

On and active by default, use /gbi to disable

From the original GatherBuddy docs:

Yellow [arrow] signifies that the node is above you and orange [arrow] that it is beneath you.

Here are the my changes from the original:

  1. Whitelists. You can now decide exactly which nodes you want to see and which you don't.
  2. Color customization. You can change the colors for most things.
  3. The background to the main window now auto-fades to transparent, however the individual node list items do not.
  4. Due to #3 GBI now displays by default, use the command to hide it
  5. /gbi command gives feedback on system channel

Possible additions depending on interest:

  1. Optional filters for each harvest type, regardless of available tradeskills (Done in version 2.0)
  2. Additional options to change the different background colors of the harvestable types (Done in version 2.0)

  3. Additional options to allow for chat or sound based feedback if a specific node type is discovered

    • i.e. you only want goldleaf or relic nodes, set an alarm for goldleaf and every time it's detected, a sound will play or a message will be displayed

  4. Allow filtering for specific node types, similar to above but instead of "alert me on relic nodes" it would be "only show me relic nodes" (Done in version 2.0)
  5. Make it work with settler resources (Done in version 1.5)

Let me know if you guys want anything else. I'm new to Addon dev but not to development in general. I'll try fix whatever bugs popup ASAP.