4,861 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 10, 2014 Game Version: API 8

/!\ Currently working on a new version with more option /!\

With this Addon you can place your spells where you want, you can change the opacity and size and even choose the spells to display. It can also permit to hide spell when in cooldown

Command Option:



Next Version:

-change with archétype

-gadget,path and potion button

-coordinate set

To Do List:

-Not Clikable spell

-change with archetype change

-Add a "snap to" option

-Option to make the spell invisible when in CoolDown

-Option to make the spell visible only when they are usable

Known issues:

-Engineer bot abilities not hiding when in cooldown

-Some Spellsinger spell that re apear when the cooldown is not finish

-innate not checkable box


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